Food bank troll

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Do think services, food pantries, food kitchens attact bums and homeless people?

If you don't put the food out, the flies don't come.
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You get what you pay for: Advice from a pro bono marriage counselor

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Most people will recommend pills for her, you, or both, or a divorce. Here is the only way your marriage will work:
  1. You need to earn more money than her or else have a plan in motion that is going to bring in more money soonish.
  2. She needs to spend more time with her kids, being a mom.
  3. She needs to work much less.
  4. How fit are you? You should be at least as fit as she is.
  5. You need to wear the pants. Be in charge of the household. She will resist this enormously, but will eventually respond well to leadership.
  6. You must have regular sex, at an absolute minimum of once per week.
  7. She needs to eat healthily to reduce her monthly mood swings.
  8. Marriage counselling is known to create more problems than it solves (only around 20% of people find it helps); don't expect it to be an answer for either of you.
  9. You both need a good social life with positive people. And you need to spend more down time with each other.
  10. If she's been banging her boss, none of this will make any difference.
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Originally Posted by EricPeterson View Post
I would have thought in 2013 we would be past some of this bullshit, I guess at least some of us are.
Yes, many of you are. That's why you have a soaring divorce rate and an affair rate of about 50%. Congrats on your progress.

I've been doing pro-bono marriage and individual counselling for almost twenty years. I've helped hundreds of people. I went to university for this stuff and have a library full of related books. I've been to seminars and often discuss my own findings with other counselors. I've been paid to travel internationally to talk about related topics. I have a publishing deal for a book related to this topic.

What you refer to as bullshit is what I have seen work, based on many years of experience.
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Sexist guitar troll

On a thread asking where are the female guitar amp builders? Maybe he is simply clueless.
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Making her husband a sandwich while he's in the shop....

Seriously though, I did know one luthier whose wife did some of his work for him. Certain things she did really well, but when she tried building her own instruments it was just a boatload of fail. Men have, in general, greater aptitude for technical and mechanical tasks and thinking, which is a large part of luthiery.
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Angelina trolls

At least these guys didn't post a photo of a girl flashing.

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Originally Posted by bearbike137 View Post
I don't care about whether or nor Angelina Jolie made the right decision. It is her call.

That said, I'm not sure why we all needed to know about it...
Agreed, who really cars if she has breast cancer (except her family)? Honestly - so frigging what. There are thousands of women in this world that have breast cancer. Are they front page news? No. But some narcissistic bimbo who spends her life pretending she is someone else is considered a "hero"? Oh FFS.

Trolls make death threats on cancer threads

Trolls like to make death threats.

First, they derail threads about cancer with pictures of girls flashing. Then they threaten to kill you when you remind them that their daughter is about the same age as the flasher.

The threats can get very specific.
The text of the post on : NotZ, aka Mike Hansen, aka Zilmo says "How about if we get together and I kick the living shit out of you, you fucking cunt. Seriously, if you were in front of me right now, I would most likely kill you". Mike Hansen proceeds to say that he would kill me with "A .45 caliber Glazer safety slug to your right eye."

Food Troll

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Tonight, I'm having pizza made with non-organic, processed ingredients purchased from a mass market grocery chain, and a bottle of red wine produced by a greedy corporate beverage conglomerate containing sulfates and god knows what else.

I'm sure it will bad for the environment, push the downtrodden further underfoot, and contribute to bad health for me in a dozen ways.

Man am I looking forward to it.

Curly: "But I think..."


Moe: "Everytime you think you weaken the nation!"

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Not so green

Why am I not surprised?  40+ posts glorifying consumption and waste at
For 2013, how are you planning to become more 'green' to save teh Planet?

Not exactly trolling

Today I was amazed by how a thread became mean spirited and misogynistic.

This thread on Why do Women live longer then Men??   Hopefully this response to a post pointing out the haters and misogyny was just a joke:

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Originally Posted by Midnight Lady View Post
What the heck ever happened to you that women are such a thorn in your side.
No sense of humor

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Example posts :

Troll basics

The recent publicity about Reddit’s Violentacrez by gawker brought a lot of attention to trolls. However, there are small scale trolls that will never make the news, but still manage to make some online forums less pleasant.

Posting bigoted comments is an easy way to troll.  In this example, the troll started a thread asking if "Jewish Broads Smell Bad."

Coming from a troll with the online screen name pronounced Nazi, this post is a classic example of how to provoke a response.

In this case, the troll succeeded and a forum member called him on his bullshit.  The troll only became more provocative, and pulled out his gun as a response.

here is the post, copied in full:


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One of my favorite things.

And the Sisters of Babylon, dressed in red, were singing for his soul...